Forthcoming Show: Vices and Virtues: A Variety Performance

Vices and Virtues: A Variety Performance – 10-12 May 2018

The Lynden Players are very excited to announce that their Spring 2018 show will be a variety performance – but with a difference!

Vices and Virtues: A Variety Performance
will be a variety show, but all the songs, scenes, and sketches will be linked to one of the seven vices and/or seven virtues, with a narrative about the opposing sides & the struggle between them (Good vs. Evil) linking each performance together. Our resident writer, Kay Andrews-Kuhn (author of our recent and upcoming pantomimes, Hood and CAMP) will be scripting this narrative, which is hugely exciting! The show’s overall direction will be overseen by Katy Roberts, who directed our 2015 performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The vices/virtues that will potentially feature in the show are: Chastity vs. Lust, Abstinence vs. Gluttony, Charity vs. Greed, Diligence vs. Sloth, Patience vs. Anger/Wrath, Kindness vs. Envy, and Humility vs. Pride. Due to the nature of a variety performance and time constraints, it may not be feasible to include all fourteen vices/virtues within the show – instead some of these may be amalgamated together in single performances instead. For example, the ‘Cell Block Tango’ from Chicago could be used to illustrate both Lust and Anger.

And this is where you come in! The thing that will set this show apart is that it will be collaborative; not only between members of the Lynden Players, but also between the Lynden Players and members of other local amateur dramatics societies and absolutely anyone else who fancies getting involved!

So: if you’ve always wanted to direct a show or a play, or try your hand at being a Musical Director, but you’ve always found it too daunting, or you’ve not got the time to commit to putting on a full show with your society, or maybe you just want to be in the show and show off your talents to the world – this is your chance to submit your ideas! Examples of things that could be included are: Cell Block Tango from Chicago (Anger/Lust), Act 3 Scene 1 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Bottom meets Titania in the forest for the first time (Lust), Food, Glorious Food! from Oliver! (Gluttony), and For Good from Wicked (Humility). Doing something like this collaboratively also ensures that there’s a great mix of different things – dance, musical theatre, comedy, straight plays – so even if you’re not 100% sure if your idea would fit – send it in anyway, because the more ideas, the better!
You can send your ideas directly to me via email, or simply fill out the form below!