Festival Play 2020 – postponed


Ray Haresign will direct ‘Semblance of Madness!’ written by John H. Newmeir as the Lynden Players’ festival entry for 2020.

Three women in a psychiatric hospital meet for a therapeutic drama lesson. Jones, an ex-professional actress, adopts the role of teacher. The ease with which she slips between three other “characters” is both frightening and baffling. Are they, as she claims, just characters she has dramatically created, or in fact, as the doctors believe, schizophrenic personalities? The other two women – Dawn, a neurotic day-dreamer, and Hannah, a rather controlling dispassionate woman- are her students. From the outset we learn that the lesson is carefully controlled to extract information regarding a gruesome murder. Each woman declares she is a trained psychiatrist and that the other two are inmates. The suspicion constantly transfers between the three as the tension builds. It is not until the very end that the truth is discovered.


Jones:   Jo Bailey
Hannah:  Kay Andrews-Kuhn
Dawn:    Jess Cherry

  • Lighthorne Festival which runs 2-6 June 2020
  • BCP 75th anniversary festival which takes place 15-18 July 2020