The Mouse that Roared

Lynden Players staged The Mouse That Roared for their Spring 2019 production. Written by Leonard Wibberly and adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel, the show was directed by Pete Bailey and produced by Katy Roberts.

What do you do when you’re a tiny country with money troubles? Why, you declare war on the United States of America, of course! You’ll lose (of course), and then get showered with foreign aid – perfect! But what happens when you end up accidentally winning instead? The Mouse That Roared is a fun, gently satirical comedy set in the 1950s where cool, commercial America gets a flat tyre as it accidentally runs over the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick, whose economy hasn’t changed since the 16th Century….

Cast List
The cast for The Mouse That Roared was as follows:
Duchess Gloriana the Twelfth – Emily Vint
Tully Bascom – Lee Harris
Count Mountjoy – Ray Haresign
Mr Benter – David Connor
The President of the United States – Adam Harris
General Snippet – Jem Turner
Jill Snippet – Jess Cherry
Debbie Snippet – Laura Tutt
Mr Beston – Mick Clyne
Professor Kokintz – Miles Doughty
Kokintz’ Assistant – Jayne Ryman
Mrs Reiner – Kay Andrews-Kuhn
Will Tatum – James Reeves
Page – Mimi Guinness
Ann – Kim Nicholls
Pam – Jacqui Pugh
Fran – Sue Martin
Jane – Gerri Dobson-Magee
Norma – Nikki Bithell
Mrs Bascombe – Gill Peeling