Current Show: Treasure Island the Panto

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Treasure Island: The Panto. I am pleased to announce the cast as follows:

Long John Slither – Matty Hatt

Mrs Ladd (Dame) – David Connor

Jim Ladd – Abigail Woodhead

Nancy Polperro – Holly Campbell

Don Iguana – Adam Harris

Donna Estella – Gill Peeling

Squire Polperro – Mick Clyne

Dr Liversausage – Miles Doughty

Bodmin – Gerri Dobson-Magee

Newquay – Kay Andrews-Kuhn

Capt Smellit – Ethan Prescott

Capt Haddock – Jasmine Faulkner

Billy Fishbones – Adam Harris

Blind Puke – Mandy Russell

Pink Dog – Jess Cherry

George Merry – Maisy Jones

Israel Feet – Jacqui Pugh

Groundbait – Nikki Bithell

Bertha Gunn – Kim Nicholls

Other assorted Pirates belike – Brenda Jones, Mimi Guinness, Sophia Filby, Beatrice Smith

We are always in need of volunteers to help offstage. Please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved. Yarr!!

Jo Bailey